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Sewn loops are loops made of webbing formed or sewn onto strap. These loops have many applications and each variation has benefits for particular applications.

VARIATIONS: The sewn loops come in a variety of configurations, flat loops, loops with half twist, pieced sewn loops and narrowed loops just to name a few. Sewn loops can also be sewn to almost any length. In addition to configuration and length, protective sleeves can be applied to any loop to prevent early wear at the tip of the loop. A few of our most popular loop styles are shown below, but nearly any configuration can be accommodated.

Flat Sewn Loop Flat Sewn Loop with Sleeve Sewn Loop with half twist Narrowed Sewn Loop Narrowed sewn looop with sleeve Pieced Sewn Loop


At CustomTieDowns, we measure all our sewn loop lengths when the strap and the loop are laying flat, regardless of style. The pictures above illustrate a loop lying flat. Also, when referring to the loop length, it is only the loop opening length and does not include the stitched area.

Sewn Loop Lengths

Although here at CustomTieDowns, we measure our loops flat, here is a basic guide to circumference and diameter of our standard loop lengths. The noted "Fit-Over Diameter" references the largest diameter of round material (rod, pole, bolt, pipe, etc) we recommend trying to fit the loop onto.

CTD Loop
Max Fit-Over
1 Inch2 Inches0.63 Inch0.50 Inch
2 Inches4 Inches1.27 Inches1.25 Inches
3 Inches6 Inches1.90 Inches1.75 Inches
4 Inches8 Inches2.54 Inches2.50 Inches
5 Inches10 Inches3.18 Inches3.0 Inches
6 Inches12 Inches3.82 Inches3.75 Inches
7 Inches14 Inches4.45 Inches4.25 Inches
8 Inches16 Inches5.09 Inches5.0 Inches
9 Inches18 Inches5.73 Inches5.5 Inches
10 Inches20 Inches6.36 Inches6.25 Inches
12 Inches24 Inches7.64 Inches7.50 Inches
18 Inches36 Inches11.46 Inches11.25 Inches
24 Inches48 Inches15.28 Inches15 Inches

All loop styles and lengths are noted when looking at our products. If you don't see the style or length of loop on the strap you want, just let us know and we will add it to the system for your review. Call us at 1-877-360-5528 or email for assistance.