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Credit Card Authorization


At CustomTieDowns information privacy is one of our highest priorities. We don't store any credit card information on our secure servers to ensure your payment information remains private. We do allow our customers the convenience of providing us with credit card information that we store offline, in our office, for repeated use. The following page outlines the credit card authorization process.


As a convenience to our repeat customers, CustomTieDowns offers offline keeping of payment details. We store this information in a secure location within our accounting offices, and never online. This is our way to best ensure our customer's private payment information remains private.

To store payment information with us, we ask our customers to complete our credit card authorization form. The information collected in this form is only used for payment processing purposes. It is never shared outside outside of CustomTieDowns and our Credit Card processing bank.

If you have questions, please call customer service at 1-877-360-5528 or email for assistance.

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