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Q) I'm not comfortable shopping online, can I order over the phone?
A) has full time staff in Oregon to handle your phone orders or questions. During business hours (M-F 7-4 PST), a real person will answer the phone and assist you in what ever way possible. To complete your phoned in order, you must have a valid email address for the art approval process.

Q) Can I fax an order?
A) Orders can be faxed to (503) 982-7022, or called in. If you order includes custom imprinted products, you must have a valid email account to complete the art approval process. Shortly after the faxed order has been received, will email you a proof of the tie-down. Once receives artwork approval from the customer we will process and finalize the order.

Q) Is there a minimum order quantity when ordering on
A) There is no minimum order size. You may order as few as one tie-down at a time.

Q) How long does it take to receive my order?
A) Most orders are shipped within 2 business days. All CustomTieDowns are shipped from Hubbard, Oregon and will take three to seven business days to receive by ground transportation unless expedited shipping arrangements are chosen during checkout. The preferred shipping carriers for is UPS and the US Postal Service.


Q) How many characters will fit in each imprint?
A) Each imprint can consist of one image and up to 25 characters. All text characters will be capitalized.. The Imprint Application has been programmed to provide an accurate representation of the imprintable area of the strap. Imprints are limited to the space shown in the Design Center preview.

Q) How many imprints will I get on my tie-down?
A) The number of imprints is determined by the total length of the tie-down.

1-6 ft Tie-Downs: 1 Imprint
7-10 ft Tie-Downs: 2 Imprints
11-17 ft Tie-Downs: 3 Imprints
18-23 ft Tie-Downs: 4 Imprints
24-29 ft Tie-Downs: 5 Imprints
30 ft or longer: 6 Imprints

Special imprinting arrangements can be made, please call 1-877-360-5528 or Email for more imprint options.

Q) Will my tie-down look exactly the same as the preview in the Design Center?
A) The product shown in your preview will be nearly identical to what you receive. All of the images used in the imprint application were generated from items we currently carry. There can be small color variations from the preview in the webbing and the plating of the hardware because of differences in computer monitors. However, if you order a blue strap with black imprint, you will receive a blue strap with black imprint. All of our products are visually inspected to match your online design prior to shipping.

Q) Can I print anything other than black text?
A) Our printing process can print almost anything on a strap. We can print pictures, logos, and text in almost any color. However, the one limitation is light color such as yellow and white will not print on dark surfaces. Darker surfaces can only be imprinted with the darkest of colors such as black. The online imprint preview only allows black imprinting, if you need more advanced printing please call 1-877-360-5528 or Email for more imprint options.


Q) How do I know what Working Load Limit to purchase?
A) Always select a tie-down with a Working Load Limit greater than the static weight of the materials you plan to carry. Never exceed the Working Load Limit of your tie-down.

Q) What is Working Load Limit (WLL)?
A) Working Load Limit is defined as the maximum load that may be applied to a component of a cargo securement system during normal service. Working Load Limits and Breaking Strength Ratings are based on a straight tensile pull. Load directions other than straight can result in a significant reduction in strength. The weight of your load should never exceed the Working Load Limit of a cargo securement system.

Q) I need a length not listed in the available online options, can I get what I need?
A) offers complete customization of your tie-downs. If you don't see what you need in the Design Center (Hardware, Hooks, Length, etc.) please call 1-877-360-5528 or Email for more additional options..


Q) Do you store customer information?
A) The only information stored at is the information needed to ship your order. We keep your name, phone, email, shipping address, and a list of items purchased. All sensitive information such as credit card information is processed by either Paypal or Google for all transactions. Paypal and Google are two of the most advanced online payment processers, so we let them handle the security of sensitive information. If you have concerns about online purchasing, please select our "Pay over the phone" payment option. You may place the order, then call in your payment information. However, we will not ship your order until payment has been received.

Q) What payment options does offer?
A) Customers may select from Google Checkout, Paypal, Pay by Phone, and credit card (currently accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover).

Q) What shipping options are available?
A) uses UPS and the US Postal Service for shipping. We offer all of their services where available. During online purchasing, each customer will be provided a list of available shipping options with the current cost next to each option. Not all shipping options are available to all locations.

Q) I placed an order online, but the charges to my credit card have not shown up yet?
A) Depending on the payment option selected, the billing process can take up to 48 hours. For example, Google Checkout authorizes your credit card, but does not charge it until we tell them to. Other options such as "Pay by Credit Card" is nearly instantaneous.

Q) Do I need to create an account to purchase online?
A) At we don't offer accounts. As a safeguard against storing sensitive information, we ask the customer to enter their information each time they purchase. If you are a frequent buyer, we offer a "Remember my information" option during checkout. This option stores a Cookie on your computer of only non-sensitive information such as your name and address. "Remember my information" option will speed up your checkout experience, but it will be necessary to enter your payment information each time you order.

Q) I noticed when I added an item to the shopping cart, the URL changed from to, why?
A) is an online shopping cart management system. In the ever changing world of online shopping, we at believe that the customer deserves the most efficient, secure and simple shopping experince available. In order to provide such an experience, utilizes RomanCart's services for completing orders. They don't process credit cards or store your sensitive information. RomanCart just provides the shopping cart application for the checkout process.