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CANOE AND WATERSPORTS include all tie-down types used in recreational watersports. They include straps for canoes, surfboards, paddle boards, jet skis, and many more applications.

VARIATIONS: Tie-downs in this category have many variations available, the finish of the hardware, webbing yarn type, configuration, length, color and whether to add protective barriers just to name a few.

Watersport tie-downs are available in stainless steel, zinc-diecast, zinc-plating and epoxy coated metals. Webbing choices are polyester, nylon and polypropylene. Strap length and color are webbing type dependent, but all webbing types have many choices available.

Examples of protective barriers include a sewn-in webbing pad under the buckle, hooks or both. Protective sleeves can also be put on the straps to help prevent premature wear.

PURPOSES: The purpose of these tie-downs is securing equipment used in watersports, such as canoes, kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards, jet skis and many others.

PRODUCTION: All of Watersports Tie Downs are assembled in the USA and can be customized to your needs.

WARNINGS: Always make sure to follow the feeding/winding instructions related to the specific tie-down. Never exceed the working load limit of the tie-down.

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