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Polypro webbing is the most cost effective webbing available. Polypropylene webbing has High UV Resistance, High Moisture Resistance, and is Color-Fast.

Polypro is available in either lightweight or heavyweight weaves. Lightweight polypro commonly has a breakstrength of 600 lbs per inch wide. Heavyweight polypro breakstrength is commonly 800 lbs per inch wide. Some imported polypropylene is woven at lower strengths, so always check the listed break strength. Polypro's biggest disadvantage is its abrasion resistance.

The maximum continuous length available is based on the roll length. Some rolls may contain splices. If splices are undesirable, please note 'no splices' during checkout and we will attempt to ship splice free rolls. Polypro webbing can be ordered by the foot and cut to any specific length.

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