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PRODUCT MODEL: 6911-R11.5-0.50
DESCRIPTION: 1.5 Inch Attachable Endless Loop Cam Buckle Tie Down, No Strap Tag, CS15-1M 1.5 Inch Cinch Cam Buckle, Zinc-silver, CHD15-4M D-ring On Fixed End, Endless Loop (No Hook) On Adjustable End, Fixed End Strap 0.50 Ft (6 Inches), Adjustable Strap 11 Ft, Total Strap Length 11.5 Ft, CW15-R5N 1.5 Inch 5M Red Flat Nylon Webbing, Assembled In The USA.
Qty 1-9 = $21.69  |  Qty 10-49 = $19.88  |  Qty 50+ = $18.25
1) Imprint Text:   **Max 25 Characters. No copyrighted, trademarked or Profanity content allowed.

2) Select How Many Imprints on Strap =   ** Price will adjust based on number of imprints selected

  • There is no minimum order for imprinting.
  • Imprinting normally adds only 1 extra production day
  • Only black imprinting is currenly available through the online system.
  • The darker the webbing color, the less the imprint will contrast. Lighter webbing colors show imprints better.
  • Each imprint is limited to 25 characters.
  • Imprints cannot contain trademarked, registered trademarked, or copyright material.
  • Some symbols don't currently work on our preview system, but will print correctly on the actual strap. These symbols include: $ # @ ( ) { } , | & ' "
The following table compares the strap length to number of imprints. Use these values as a guide, they are our standard amounts if the customer does not specify. However, the number of imprints per strap can be increased or decreased per customer preference from the drop down menu (additional changes may apply).

Tie Down Total Length Number of Imprints
1-7 ft 1
8-14 ft 2
15-24 ft 3
25-35 ft 4
35-50 ft 5
50 ft+ 6