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Quick release fixed ends are the short side of a standard quick release tie-down configuration. It includes the buckle and a strap sewn to to the buckle. The adjustable strap can be purchased separately in our REPLACEMENT STRAPS category. Each fixed end is available in multiple colors, hook styles and lengths.

VARIATIONS: Quick release tie-downs are available in two standard configurations: endless loop and two piece. As with most tie-downs, quick release tie-downs can include hooks, loops, and many other fittings. 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch widths are currently available.

PURPOSES: Typical applications for cam buckle tie-downs are packaging solutions, ladders, kayaks/canoes and lighter duty materials

LIMITATIONS: The biggest limitation of a quick release tie-down is lower working load limits. Quick release buckles are not intended for high strength related applications. They just snap into place, generating small amounts of tension compared to their ratchet counterparts.

CONSTRUCTION: Construction of quick release tie downs either involves just a fixed end strap or a fixed end strap with an adjustable strap depending on the desired configuration. Both the fixed end and adjustable strap can be purchased separately, or in a single finished product.

PRODUCTION: All our quick release tie-downs are assembled in the U.S. USA production allows us to customize the tie-downs while maintaining short production times.

WARNINGS: Always follow the appropriate feeding mechanism for the quick release configuration. Improper loading of the strap through the cam buckle will cause the tension mechanism to malfunction. Never exceed the working load limit of the tie-down

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