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  $40.89 per each
PRODUCT MODEL:  7148-Y10-1
2 Inch Ratchet Strap Tie Down, Over Tire Configuration, Three CRC2-K Rubber Tire Cleats, CRW2-11M 2 Inch 11M Ratchet With Wide Handle And Aluminum Grip, CHE2-4M Spring E Fitting On Each End, Sliding CHSEB2-6M Swiveling E-Track Fitting, Fixed End Strap 1 Ft, Adjustable Strap 9 Ft, Total Strap Length 10 Ft, CW2K-Y12PE 2 Inch 12M Yellow Polyester Tie-Down Webbing With Black Edges, Assembled In The USA.

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  • Tie-down, Ratchet Strap, E-fitting On One End, Double E-fittings On The Opposite End
  • Two Part Ratchet Strap Configuration, Made Up Of A Fixed End And Adjustable Strap. Adjustable Strap Is Separate From The Buckle Side And Is Fed Thru The Ratchet Spindle And Tightened During Use
  • All E-fittings Universally Fits E-series Logistic Track
  • E-fitting Sewn On The End Of Both The Fixed End Strap And End Of The Adjustable Strap
  • Sliding E-fitting On The Adjustable Strap Allows For The Adjustable Strap To Be Anchored In Two Places Along The Track
  • This Configuration Is Commonly Used When Using Horizontal E-track Where The Track Openings Are Perpendicular To The Length Of The Track
  • Commonly Used As An Ove-the-tire Tie-down For Cars And Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Ratchet For The Highest Strength And Durability
  • Ratchet Is Made Of Steel And Has A Zinc-yellow Plated Finish For Superior Weather Protection
  • Ratchet Has A Standard Single Locking Configuration For The Easiest Ratcheting Operation
  • Ratchet Has A Wide Handle That Makes Operation Easier While Wearing Gloves
  • Ratchet Handle Grip Is Made Of Aluminum
  • Commercial Duty E-fittings Provide Great Strength And Durability
  • E-fittings Are Made Of Steel And Have A Zinc-yellow Plated Finish For Superior Weather Protection
  • E-fitting Is The Spring Loaded Configuration, It Clips In And Releases By The Spring Loaded Pin
  • Strap Is Made With Extra Heavy Duty 12000 Lb Polyester Tie-down Webbing
  • Sewn With White Polyester Thread
  • Strap Lengths Are Measured As Only The Webbing Portion, Buckle And E-fittings Are Not Included In The Measurement
  • Sewn In The Standard Method To Meet The Provided Strength Rating
  • CustomTieDowns Strap Warning Tag Sewn On Both The Fixed End And Adjustable Strap Next To The E-fitting

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Product Weight: 5.42 lb per each
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