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Side curtain trailer products are designed to help side curtain trailers secure the curtains to the trailer through the use of tie-downs. The tie-downs are commonly mounted directly to the curtain, then have a strap connecting them to structure of the trailer. The typical configuration consists of an overcenter buckle and a strap with rave or flat hook on one end.

VARIATIONS: Variations of side curtain trailer tie-downs are either by configuration or finish type. The most common configuration difference is how the buckle is closed and opened. Some buckles are opened (released) just by raising up on the lever arm, while others have a spring loaded trigger. The other common difference is the type of hook on the end of the strap. Rave hooks and flat hooks are the most common form of connection. There can be slight differences in shape, openings in the buckle frame, but functionally the side release curtain tie-downs still work the same. Finish type refers to the metal or plating of the hardware. Side curtain tie-down buckles tend to be stainless steel overcenter buckles, but the hooks tend to be some version of zinc plated steel.

PURPOSES: Side curtain trailer tie-downs have a single purpose, to secure the curtain walls of the trailer to trailer itself.

LIMITATIONS: Side curtain tie-downs are normally mounted in a fixed position directly to the curtain, so they can't be re-positioned. The other common limitation is the amount of tightening available. Overcenter buckles provide a minimal amount of tension when closed. They are intended to prevent release more than create tension.

PRODUCTION: Production of side curtain trailer straps is performed in our Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility

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