Email Support: | Customer Phone Support: 1-877-360-5528 has developed a new method of imprinting on tie down webbing. We are now able to offer custom imprinting with no minimum orders and quick shipping times. Our imprinting produces high resolution prints on your selection of multiple webbing colors. Our online imprint system allows you to see a proof of your imprinted tie down prior to placing your order. You see the personalized custom tie-down on your screen before you buy it. We only offer black imprinting through the online system. Color imprinting is available, but please contact us by phone (1-877-360-5528) or email for more information and pricing.

With's online imprinting application, imprinting text, such as a name, company, slogan or just about anything has never been easier.

Three Easy Steps:
1) Select a tie down
2) Click Custom Imprint
3) Type in the text you want on your strap and hit apply

Using the online system, each text imprint is limited to 25 characters. The number of imprints per tie down is determined by the total length of the tie-down. Artwork and strap width will determine the length of the imprint.
The following table compares the tie down length to number of imprints. Use these values as a guide, they are our standard amounts if the customer does not specify. However, the number of imprints can be increased or decreased per customer preference.

Tie Down Total Length Number of Imprints
1-7 ft 1
8-14 ft 2
15-24 ft 3
25-35 ft 4
35-50 ft 5
50 ft+ 6

COLOR IMPRINTING's color imprinting is a vibrant, permanent application. Color imprints are best applied with the contrast is high. Light colored webbing with bold dark color imprints make the most impressive combinations. Currently, imprint colors must be darker in color than the webbing they are printed on. Color imprinting is available by phone order only. Please call for pricing and availability 1-877-360-5528.

LOGOS AND IMAGES can also take images provided by you and imprint them directly to your tie-downs. Price and availability are subject to the original artwork. Custom images and logos are currently processed by our staff in house and can generally be ready for approval within 2 business days..

Please call 1-877-360-5528 or Email: to begin processing a custom image or logo..

Custom Image or Logo Suggestions and Cautions:
1) Imprinting on webbing requires imprint colors darker than the webbing color selected. When imprinting an image or logo, always remember that the colors included in the image or logo must be darker than webbing.

2) Currently the color white is not an imprintable color. If your image includes the color white, the original color of your webbing will show where white is present.

3) The higher resolution your original/uploaded image is, the better your imprint will look. will always attempt to provide the best imprint quality possible, but original images of higher resolution create better lines and sharper prints.


Text Only
Text Only
Generic Images and Text
Logo and Company Name Imprint
Logos and Text
Logo & Company Info
Logo or Image Only
Logo Only Imprints

If your design is complicated or requires additional assistance, please call us at 1-877-360-5528 or email at