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Retractable ratchet straps are tie-downs that spool the adjustable (retractable strap) inside a built-in winding mechanism. The winding mechanisms are spring driven and operate automatically when the ratchet handle is in its open position. The retractable mechanism is only built into the adjustable strap, the fixed end strap is a separate strap and does not retract.

VARIATIONS: Retractable tie-downs come in a variety of configurations. All retractables include an adjustable strap that winds into the buckle, but some retractable straps don't include a fixed end strap. Retractable straps that don't include a fixed end strap normally include a bolt mounting plate or pin to connect to. Retractable tie-downs can be produced with almost any standard tie-down hook, although the most common hook use is a S-hook. The most common webbing used is seatbelt style polyester webbing. This thin but strong weave allows for the most webbing to be contained in the retractable spool. Some variations do include alternative webbing weave styles, strengths or colors, but that will be noted in product details.

PURPOSES: Retractable ratchet straps are used in many different applications. Most common applications are trailer type applications where strap containment is a challenge and mounting is beneficial. An example of this is a transom tie-down on a boat trailer. Most of the time, the clearance from eyelets of a boat to anchor points of a boat trailer, on the rear of the boat, is very limited. It is advantageous to mount the tie-down and be able to us the retractable strap to secure that short distance.

LIMITATIONS: The most common limitation is length. Because the adjustable strap retracts into the buckle, only a limited amount of webbing will fit in the spindle housing. The only other limitation common with retractable tie-downs is product weight. Because of the winding mechanism, retractable tie-downs tend to weigh more than their non-retractable versions.

PRODUCTION: Production location of our retractable tie-downs varies, but is currently all performed internationally. Custom retractable tie downs are available, but do require extended lead times.

SERVICE: Retractable ratchets require no specialized service. Replacement fixed end straps are available for certain models. Replacement adjustable straps are not available, full replacement is required if the adjustable strap needs removal from service.

CUSTOMIZATION: Custom retractable ratchet straps are available with different configurations, strap colors, hooks and widths. Custom retractable straps do require an extended lead time.

If you don't see the product or configuration you are looking for, call us at 1-877-360-5528 or email sales@customtiedowns.com.