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Ratchet strap tie downs are our specialty. Ratchet strap tie-downs, most commonly called ratchet straps, can be configured many ways, but always include a ratchet as the tensioning device. Ratchet straps offer the highest strength ratings and are the most versatile tie-downs available.

VARIATIONS: There are many variations of ratchets straps including various combinations of hook types, lengths, colors and configurations. The most common configuration consists of two straps, the fixed end and adjustable strap.

Another common configuration is endless loop. Endless loop configuration has a strap sewn to the bolt of the buckle, but does not include an addition adjustable strap. The endless loop strap wraps around the cargo and the loose end is inserted into the mandrel of the buckle and tightened.

PURPOSES: The primary purpose of a ratchet strap is for load securement, but there are numerous specific applications.

LIMITATIONS: The most common limitation of ratchet straps is working load limit. A working load limit is the term used to establish the strength rating of tie-down. Every ratchet strap has a published working load limit based on the strength of its components and construction. Finding a ratchet strap with the appropriate working load limit and configuration for specialized applications can be a limiting factor.

CONSTRUCTION: Ratchet strap construction consists of a fixed end and possibly an adjustable strap. Both the fixed end and adjustable strap can be ordered separately, or together as a complete ratchet strap

PRODUCTION: Production of our ratchet strap occurs in our USA factories. The U.S. production allows us to make ratchet straps in any length, color or configuration.

WARNINGS: Always choose a ratchet strap with the appropriate working load limit. A ratchet strap tie-down is only rated to secure cargo weighing up to its working load limit. Also, make sure the attachment points that the ratchet strap ends are connected to meet or exceed the load limit of the tie-downs.

SERVICE: If a ratchet strap is used outside in the elements, dirt and debris can collect in the gear mechanism. To keep a ratchet strap in good working order, keep the mandrel clean. light gear oil or spray lubricants can be applied improve functionality.

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